Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sam was going to ask her to marry him

Doctor Who fans have one, and so do Trekkies, now Supernatural fans have a way to say "ours is an erotically co-dependent love that burns hotter than a young mother on the ceiling of her son’s nursery".


From the Gunslinger collection by Tasha Rae Jewelry (as featured today on, get 'em while they're hot).   This piece is a repurposed Winchester .38 Special bullet casing with a sterling silver back and band, and Swarovski crystal center.

According to the artist's web site, rings are also available in other bullet casings styles.  So I guess if you really wanted to show your devotion to both your beloved and your fiancee, you could request a .45 ACP (for Dean's Colt M1911A1) or 9x19 MM (for Sam's Taurus Model 92).

Former executive producer and show runner Sera Gamble once said she would know the show had achieved cult status when people started getting SPN tattoos.  Now I think the next step is someone proposing at a con - and having Misha officiate on the spot.