Friday, April 29, 2011

It's British Friday! Royal Wedding edition!

I got up at dawn to watch Charles and Diana's wedding.  I even watched Fergie and Andrew's wedding.  So believe I was up at 5:00 am in my formal jammies, hat, and gloves ready for Wills and Kate.

From the Virginia Philippy vintage millinery collection.
Speaking of Fergie, though not invited, she was there in spirit ...

What.  The.  HELL?  Did Beatrice rip a piece of plasterwork off a palace wall??
I went with PBS's feed of BBC America's coverage.  The US networks' yammering anchors would have made me go Elvis on my TV.   Based on @TubularTV's feed, Barbara Walters was drunk and in rare form.  Thanks for taking that hit for me, T.   The Beeb kept the blather to a 10 minute discussion of what exact shade of blue Mrs. Middleton was wearing.

It's blue.
There was no debate about what color the Queen was wearing.

Contents of the Queen's purse: lozenges, kleenex, keys to palace, 75 effing carat diamond
 Also, awkward ... Immediately after the ceremony, the Archbishop was executed. 

I only noticed two questionable elitist comments, either one of which would have caused TortieGirl's head to explode had she been watching.  There was the obligatory reference to a commoner marrying into royalty ... as though being the daughter of self-made millionaires is common.  The second was when Kate and her father pulled up the Abbey.  The observation was made that the son of an airline pilot must be so proud that his daughter was about to become a princess.  Because following in the family footsteps of hard work and entrepreneurship  would have been such a disappointment.

*end rant*

Ooh, look!  PRETTY!!

Waitie Katie my arse.  SUCK IT, BITCHES!
I wasn't immediately wowed by her gown, but as soon as someone on twitter compared it to Fraulein Maria's dress from The Sound of Music, I was in love.

I wonder if Wills and Kate will honeymoon in the Alps?
I also got a distinct Princess Margaret vibe from Kate's dress, and I've also seen lots of comparison's to Princess Grace.  Basically designer Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen knocked it out, and Kate wore the hell out it.

William didn't turn around until Kate got to him, which tradition?  Who knows.  Harry did though, and apparently said, "Wait until you see her."

How much do we love Harry?

In the royal equivalent of the kids' table

Not as much as I love 3-year-old bridesmaid Grace Van Cutsem

Bloody hell it's two hours past my nap and I'm still waiting for the footman to bring me my juice box.  Will you lot just SHUT UP!

Friday, April 15, 2011

British Friday - National Library Week edition

As a general rule, librarians are a kick in the pants socially, often full of good humor, progressive, and naturally, well read.  They tend to be generalists who know so much about so many things that they are quite the opposite of the boring old poops they have been made out to be. Most of them are full of life, some even full of the devil.
-- Bill Hall, editorial page editor, Lewiston (Idaho) Tribune, Sept. 9, 2001.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

National Library Week - "Party Girl"

".. one of the hidden masters of the world — a librarian. They control information. Don't ever piss one off." - Spider Robinson, The Callahan Touch

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Etsy buy of the week: Octopus Ring

How much do I love this ring?

I purchased it from etsy seller Ayansi, but she has since closed her shop.  She can now be found at ArtFire, and has a bridal store on etsy - crystaldust - but unfortunately both seem to be cephalopod free.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


According to imdb, he originally auditioned for the role of Han Solo.   I don't know if the franchise could have withstood cool of that magnitude.

Not that Billy Dee needs any help.  For the rest of you mere mortal men, there's Lando.  Welcome to the cool side of the pillow.

Via Glark