Saturday, January 31, 2009

You can't do this with an MP3

Vinyl Disguises

And the cycle of life continues - SMILE WITH YOUR EYES!

Jezebel - You Wanna Be On Top: ANTM Cycle 12 Girls Revealed!

With the exception of one, maybe two of the girls, looks like Cycle 12 is going to be a big steaming pile of *meh*.

Mind you, I'm still going to watch.  


Jezebel also checked in to see how some of the hamsters from past seasons cycles are doing.

Jezebel - America's Next Top Models : Where Are They Now?

They didn't include Toccara Jones, who definitely has to rate as the most successful former ANTM'er.

Two words.

Italian Vogue, baby.  Italian Vogue.


I don't watch Mad Men (because I don't have real cable), but I'm quite familiar with the show's look. I would be all over a line by Janie Bryant that translated the show's aesthetic into modern pieces.

Also? I would own this look. 12 Questions For "Mad Men" Costume Designer Janie Bryant: Slaves to Fashion
Glamour: Can we expect to see a line of clothing come out of this, or a collection inspired by the show? What kinds of projects do you have going on for the future?

JB: I’m working on some things right now…I hate to be so mysterious but I can't really say! It would have my name attached to it though.

You think the 80's were bad? The early 90's weren't much better.

Jezebel - Back Issues Of InFashion : Party Like It's 1992

And as to the question of did women wear tapered pants tucked into ankle boots?  Yes, yes they did.  In 1989 the day yearbook photos were taken for senior superlatives.

Also?  OMG!  It's Mr. Eko!

This used to be such a nice neighborhood

Times are tough all over. Even for people who live in gingerbread houses.

It looks like a meth lab exploded up in here.  Also, it was all sticky from the rain.   Poor sad, unloved gingerbread house ...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Supernatural - Afterschool Special

Tonight, on a very special Supernatural, Sam and Dean investigate demonic happenings at one of their old high schools.

Also, two words: Dean in gym teacher shorts

Some news - according to io9, we'll be getting a good bit more Castiel in upcoming epis:
Dean's mission from Heaven is connected to the time he spent in the Bad Place. And there's more story coming connected to what Dean did in Hell. And Sam has a very strong reaction to those revelations — one which has repercussions for the rest of the season. Castiel will be back soon and often — a drinking game may be indicated. We'll also learn what that demon meant when he said, "We've got everything just the way we want it." Lilith is "very active behind the scenes" this season, but we'll also be seeing her in the flesh again. 
And just for fun:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm just going to go ahead and pre-order this on Amazon

Because maybe, just maybe, they'll actually publish the Lost show bible at the conclusion of the series. One can hope, right?

Television - Gregg Nations’s Job - Keeping ‘Lost’ on Track -

And here's a peak at tonight's episode

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Roadmap to my path to nerddom

Artwork by Dusty Abell, who has pretty much just illustrated my entire childhood.

NOW IN COLOR Sci-Fi Heroes by *dusty-abell on deviantART

Sat Morning Action Adv. TV by *dusty-abell on deviantART

via io9. So. Much. Awesome. Brain. Meeeelllttttinggggg .....

Beaker set me up!

The Beaker in D.C. Meme |

via DCist

You are not doing the business of the people

OpenCongress - U.S. Congress - H.R.414 Camera Phone Predator Alert Act

HR.414 would "require mobile phones containing digital cameras to make a sound when a photograph is taken".

Now, I appreciate the sentiment and intention of the bill.  There's always going to be some pervert or frakwad who thinks his techmology gives him a right to invade a woman's privacy.

But I think the better way to combat the practice is to allow the victim to stomp the erstwhile snapper in the balls until the sumbitch coughs up blood.  That'll deter the little shits.

And on a more personal note, an audible click may have startled the Yeti I saw on the bus that one time.


You were always my favorite

Tatjana Patitz, the forgotten supermodel | Life and style | The Guardian

Catching up with one of the faces of the 80's who wasn't Naomi, Linda, Christy, or Cindy.

I always liked you best, Tatjana.

These are not the droids you're looking for

Costume Vs. Cosplay: What a Stormtrooper Is Made Of

I have nothing but love for these guys. My friend Brett has his own Stormtrooper costume. I am in all sincerity when I say it is only one of many reasons his wife is a lucky woman.

The evidence is everywhere. The Imperium has arrived. Help us Obi-Wan. You're our only hope.


How did I not know that the Smithsonian's Akbar and Jeff Center has something called Air and Scare every Halloween??! At which, members of the 501st and Rebel Legion show up??


Shamon! Thriller a Broadway musical?

UPDATE: io9 is reporting (via the Chicago Tribune) that the Nederlanders are based in Chicago, so any production that does happen will likely first be staged there.  Reason #397 to love the city of big shoulders.

This has the potential to be the most awesomely awesome awesomeness that ever awesomed ... or fantastically, hideously, soul shreddingly bad.
Broadway producer acquires the rights for a stage version of 'Thriller'
By Associated Press

2:13 PM EST, January 26, 2009
NEW YORK (AP) — "Thriller" a Broadway musical?

Producer James L. Nederlander says he has acquired the rights for a stage version of Michael Jackson's iconic music-video spoof of horror films. The show will include songs from two of the pop king's best-selling albums, "Thriller" and "Off the Wall."

"The Nederlanders and Michael Jackson represent live theater and musical excellence, so let the music begin," Tohme Tohme, a spokesman for Jackson, said Monday in a statement.

"I love the idea of making 'Thriller' a musical. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, boy has big secret, now what?" said Nederlander, head of the company that owns nine Broadway theaters.

No word yet on who will write the book for the show or what songs will be included in the production, or who will direct and choreograph.
On the plus side, casting shouldn't be too difficult.

His bride must be so proud.

Source, and tip o' the hat to Jenleete.

Oh, so NOW they're interested in a space western

James Marsters: First Look At James Marsters As Outlaw Alien Fighter

There must be some Clovers in the atmosphere

Fire in the hole! There's been another big shiny meteor strike, this time over Scandinavia.

Meteor Porn: Firey Scandinavian Meteor "Turned the Sky Blue" has video of the meteor lighting up the night sky. Get ready to welcome your alien overlords.

Lizard people from outerspace for the win!

io9 has been covering this for a while, but according to yesterday's Variety, it's official ...

ABC has greenlit a pilot for a reworking of "V".  It will be written by the co-creator of The 4400 - which I don't watch, but have heard good things about.  So I'm hopeful.

Although really, as good as this new version may be, it will never be able to top this.  This is just magic.

Passings - Kim Manners

Mo Ryan at the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Supernatural director and executive producer Kim Manners passed away on Sunday.

'Supernatural' loses its 'patriarch' | The Watcher

Series creator Eric Kripke released this statement through Warner Bros. Television:
Everyone at 'Supernatural' is walking around in a daze, shocked and absolutely devastated. Kim was a brilliant director; more than that, he was a mentor and friend. He was one of the patriarchs of the family, and we miss him desperately. He gave so much to 'Supernatural,' and everything we do on the show, now and forever, is in memory of him.
Kim Manners describing his role on Supernatural:
I took over for David Nutter, when David left the pilot. Now that I'm here, I'm working with Eric (Kripke) and Bob (Singer). I'm directing. I'm giving the show a certain look. I'm the guy who works with the guest directors (as we call them). I make sure I talk to them, go through their homework with them, scout locations with them, help them cast. So yeah, there are certain advantages to having a producing director on a show.
The photo above is from the set of the Season 1 epi Scarecrow.  Below are a few clips of his handywork, from some of my favorite episodes.  

Shadow 1.16

Devil's Trap 1.22

In my Time of Dying 2.01

Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things 2.04

Lazarus Rising 4.01

Monday, January 26, 2009

And they get what they want - Courtney Love takes over MTV2

I remember watching this whe it originally aired.  Please in the name of all that is good and holy, somebody release the full 24 hours on DVD!

And this will never not be entertaining.  Courtney crashes Kurt Loder's post VMA interview with Madonna.

"Should we let her come up?  No, please don't."

You can't live in this, either

Several months ago I started subscribing to Vogue. I was thinking that maybe I was at a point in my life where I needed to refine my look a little.  

Its a fun flip-through.  And I view it more as a source of inspiration and translation than actual aspiration.

Because I do not aspire to ever own a hand bag that costs 10 grand.  A bag like the Calle by Loewe. 

The hell?  Now, this is a gorgeous bag.  No question.  But I guarantee you that I can find a bag that looks exactly like this one from a vendor in front of a metro station, and pay less than 50 bucks for it.

Who in gods name would pay 10 thousand dollars for a purse?

Oh.  right.  Well, that's okay.  It is Posh after all.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Macbot versus DeceptiPC

Bring it PCs! Macs for the win!

via Neatorama

My newest girl crush

Therese included this clip in this week's Lost recap, and I've watched it at least a half dozen times. I love her voice and interpretation of the song.

Curious though, as to why she's sitting in front of an open refrigerator ...

You can check out more of her vids at Danielle Ate the Sandwich.

Pop it like its hot

Popping Up Your Collar -

I'm not sure why one would turn to the Wall Street Journal for sartorial advice, but that's where S.G. of Philadelphia went for guidance on whether or not to pop a collar.

He claims that women he knows "say that it looks more stylish that way".

S.G., I'm pretty sure they're just messing with you.  They are not your friends.

Also, this advice?  Wrong.  Just wrong:
So guys, there's nothing foppish about turning up the collar on leather jackets, coats and some shirts. Check yourself out in the mirror from all angles to experiment with ways to pop up that collar ever so slightly, so that it looks stylish and not too studied.
Because it doesn't address the fact that in addition to looking stylish and unstudied, you will also look like a massive douche.

via Jezebel


Skepchick: Buy ShamWows! Now!

Apparently, not only does ShamWow hold TWENTY TIMES ITS WEIGHT in liquid, but Vince, the ShamWow guy is fighting the good fight against the Clams.

Star Wars retold by someone who's never seen Star Wars

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

HI-larious, but it does not make sense! Therefore, you must acquit.

Chewbacca Defense - Click here for this week’s top video clips

via io9


Mayhem, murder, and lewd behavior

Saw this preview Friday night too. Hell to the yeah.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why do you tease me like this

Come on SciFi Channel.   You're losing BSG in a few months.  Make this your next original series.

The Remnants from John August on Vimeo.

Ernie Hudson, Justine Bateman, and my interwebs boyfriend Ze Frank.  What's not to like?

via io9

How do I get eyes like that

Pitch Black is one of my favorite movies.  And I know I have squicked out more than one friend with my love for Vin Diesel.  It's too bad I'm not a gamer, because that seems to be the only medium where you can still get your Riddick on.

Why couldn't Twohy have made a movie out of this? No need for the super powers, and Necromongers, and Thandie Newton. Just give me Riddick versus Admiral Cain in an outer space death match.

Does anyone have change for a button

I saw a trailer for Coraline at the cinema last night, and I think this could be one I'm excited for. Just on paper, its already got two big checks in the must see column - from the director of Nightmare Before Christmas and written by Neil Gaiman.  American Gods is one of my favorite books, and Good Omens not only made me laugh out loud on the bus, but it's got one of my all time favorite exchanges in it:
Aziraphale:  I'd just like to say, if we don't get out of this, that ... I'll have known, deep down inside, that there was a spark of goodness in you.

Crowley:  Just remember I'll have known that, deep down inside, you were just enough of a bastard to be worth liking.


io9 also has a nice little behind the scenes vid featuring Gaiman - apparently, my overlords on the homeworld find him a little creepy. 

Coraline: Coraline's Neil Gaiman Scares The Crap Out Of Me

On the big screen, the movie looks absolutely gorgeous. And the 3-D element is actually quite good, and should heighten the sense of otherworldliness. It's also not as headache inducing as I feared it might be. How do I know this? I'll have more to say about that in another post.

Also, that little door she finds?   I've got something that looks almost exactly like it in my closet.  All the flats in my building do.  I won't lie to you - I'm a little freaked out right now ...

This week's diatribe is up

Therese's recap of Because You Left is up.  Enjoy!  And then come hang out with us in the comments.

So, this is kind of funny in a meta way.  About a week ago, EW's Michael Ausiello wrote about how much he dislikes the Lost fandom:
Before you crucify me: It's not that I dislike its fans as much as it is that I dislike the feeling that if I want to be a fan, I can't just watch an hour of quality TV; I have to start decoding Sprite commercials and go see Cloverfield. I know that intricate, never-ending web of clues is precisely the reason why so many of you love the show, but I just don't have it in me to care that much over multiple platforms.
Fair play to him.  I get it.  Then he opened up the comments, and started handing out free cups of haterade.  People apparently have very strong feelings about fans of the Whedonverse and certain segments (*cough* flying fangirl *cough*) of the Supernatural fandom.

Then there was this:
Allie Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 12:07 PM EST

I agree.... I love LOST and watch it religiously, but all the decoding makes my head hurt. The lady that writes my newspaper's blog will write a 10000 wors diatribe with like, biblical and mythological research EVERY WEEK! And during the off-season, instead of blogging current shows, we get new blogs about the seasons 1-3 (well, now 4) dvd's. Good Lord. Get enough already!!!
Yeah, she's totes talking about Therese.  My friend, you have arrived!

Stop naming nuts!

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Disquiet Follows my BSG

See,  I post about subjects other than Lost.

All new tonight.

Also, Its British Friday! It's British Friday! BSG edition.

And just because this is one of my favorite sayings from the show

Is Claire still alive?

I know you're probably all sick to the teeth of Lost posts, but come on! It was an 8 month hiatus! An eternity!   Its like the people waiting on the docks in New York, begging to know what happened to little Nell.

I wonder if they had the same problem explaining the story to their friends?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who's Christian?

Therese will be hosting the first Lost chat of the season today at 1:00 pm EST. See you there!

Tubular: Chat - "Because You Left" ; "The Lie"

I'll leave it to her to recap last night's episodes.  I'll just say ZOMG!  I  was promised a brain bleed, and a brain bleed is what I got.  I can't wait to see where Team Darlton go with this season.

My celebrity chef boyfriend. Sigh.

Chewing the Fat: No Reservations' Anthony Bourdain - DCist: Washington DC News, Food, Arts & Events

As if I couldn't possibly love Anthony Bourdain more.  From the DCist interview:
Would you want to do a country-specific exploration show, like the Spain - On the Road show featuring Chef Mario Batali, cookbook writer Mark Bittman and Gwyneth Paltrow?
I would love to do something with Mario. It's been an unrealized ambition to produce a show for Mario, honestly. He's so smart. The guy knows so much. He's easily the funniest and smartest celebrity chef out there. The Spain show. I'm disappointed. After seeing the Spain show, I see room for improvement. Life is good for Mario, he's got life by the tail. It was probably a lot of fun for him to make that show and not too demanding of his time. But I would very much like to produce a show where he tells us everything he knows about Italy. I think that would be good and informative television. I just don't know if he wants to put in the time commitment given all the businesses he has.

Okay, I'll just say it. I think the Spain show is f***ing awful. Mark Bittman comes off unsympathetic to say the least. Bringing someone who cannot or will not eat jamon [Gwyneth Paltrow] to Spain is a misjudgment. My crew grinds their teeth with rage looking at the crummy production values. Bad camera work, bad sound, bad direction. The whole thing sucks. It's unfortunate. It's mesmerizingly awful
And by "misjudgement" I'm sure he really means, "EAT THE FUCKING HAM, BITCH!!"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do you think the Frozen Donkey Wheel can make it 9:00 pm already

We're mere hours away! Can you stand it? I can't stand it!

Unreality - The Ten Greatest Lost WTF-isms |

#10 is the four-toed foot.  Come on Darlton.  You've been called on this before.  Just answer it already!

Witnessing History - January 20, 2009

What a crazy emotional day.  Mad props to the US Air ticket agent at the Wilmington airport who rerouted my flights and made sure I got home Monday night.

And to the guy at the Super Shuttle desk, let me reiterate


There were lots of reports of delays and drama on Metro Tuesday.  Seriously, falling onto the tracks is a personal nightmare. Luckily, I only had to hop the bus to Dupont to meet Tortie Girl and Julie, and then we walked down 18th Street to the Mall.

I don't know why I ever thought this was a super secret route.

We staked out a spot adjacent to the Washington Monument in sight of a Jumbotron by 10:30.  And then we waited.  And frequently had to reposition, trying to get a clear view.  The joke is that there are no tall men in D.C., but there must be, because they were all on the Mall, and they were ALL standing in front of us.  

Given the size of the crowd, people were super chill.  Although the guy flying the giant Freedom pony flag did get a "PUT IT DOWN" chant, because seriously.  Down in front.

Occasional chants of "O-BA-MA" and "Yes we did!" would break out ... as did BOOs every time Bush 43 and Evil Dickie were shown on the screen.  

We also got shots of all the VIPs are they arrived.  I wondered at Beyonce not wearing a hat - given that is was all of 20 degrees - but then I realized why.  Two words. 

Aretha.  Franklin.

That hat was FIERCE.  Love it!  Want it!  I enjoyed her performance, but I was really hoping they would wheel out Ray Charles' reanimated corpse to sing America the Beautiful.

There were some glitches with the sound, so we missed most of Dianne Feinstein's opening remarks.   But they got it sorted out in time for the Oaths of Office and President Obama's address.  Again, give the size of the crowd, it was virtually silent during his speech.  We were all just engrossed in what he had to say.

I really enjoyed his speech.  I think he found a good balance between addressing the very real challenges we're facing as a country, while still maintaining a sense of hope.  I have not felt this hopeful and excited for the future since voting in my very first election.

We made a break for it pretty much as soon as President Obama finished speaking, and headed back up 18th.  I was - not exactly disappointed - but I was hoping for more exuberance from the crowd.  I expected the Mall to be more like 14th Street on election night.  I wanted hugging.  But on reflection, here's what I think.  Everyone on the Mall was there to give witness to history.  And that is both a joyful and a solemn thing.  Euphoria was for election night.  Yesterday was about putting the seal on this new administration, so our President can get to work doing the business of the people.

Or, as my friend Taciturnal put it:
The joy of electing change is past.  Now is the day of what makes America pretty amazing.  The orderly transfer of command not just from one person to another, but from one ideology to another.  And that is what is impressive, important, and inspiring and deserves respect and reverence.
But hugging would have been nice.

Following the advice of Metro, we grabbed a bite at James Hoban's. Our cozy little dining room had a TV tuned to CNN, which was carrying the Congressional luncheon. It was just like they were eating with us!

They dined on pheasant and duck. Swanky! And what do you suppose Rahm Emanual and John McCain talked about? Did you know Rahm had part of a finger amputated after an Arby's kitchen accident?  Man, I've so been there.  Although I didn't go swimming in Lake Michigan after I took a chunk out of my thumb in the Ruby Tuesdays kitchen.  

And really, that story is way less sexy than Julie's theory that he's secretly Yakuza.

Here we see President Obama slowly making his way over to our table.

And did everyone in the dining room clap and cheer as the Bushes boarded Not!Air Force One to finally get the hell out of town? 

 Yes we did.

And then I went home and watched the parade on TV.  Although CNN's online coverage was much better, since they didn't talk over the bands.  For reals, Fox 5's Holly Morris may be the most annoying on-air talent to ever walk the earth.  

I wish I could have been there though, to get a chance to actually see the Obamas.  And you know what, screw the Secret Service, I would have knocked Michelle Obama down for that gold dress and jacket.  She looked fantastic!

And I totes want to be BFF's with Sasha and Malia so I can borrow Sasha's outfit and we can have sleepovers and braid each other's hair and talk about which Jonas brother is our favorite.

I like Simon best.

So that was my day.  I still can't believe it just happened yesterday and that I was there.  My hope now is that we can all be patient.  Today is Day One.  There's eight years of merde piled up in the barn - you can't expect it will all get shoveled out over night.

Good luck and God bless President Obama.

More photos from the Inauguration are at wax|wendy's flickr set.


That? That right there? Is the sound of me running around in circles, waving my hands in the air because


If you need a refresher for what's been happening over the last 4 seasons, check in with Therese at Tubular. She, of course, has done the impossible and distilled it all down for your pleasure and convenience. She's a giver that way.

Tubular: LOST - What you need to know

And she understands that life is busy and you don't have the time to watch all 85 hours of Lost on She may understand, but I don't. Frankly, I'm a little disappointed. I expected more of you ...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hey, I can see myself!

CNN has posted a satellite image of the crowds on the Mall.  The clumps of people correspond to the Jumbotron locations. It was the only way to see anything. - Special Reports - Satellite View of the Mall - Photo

We were at about 5 before the hour.  

Let's Go to Work

I'll have more to say about the inauguration tomorrow. Today I'm gathering my thoughts and am just so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a witness to history.

It's a new day, it's a new dawn ... change has come

Monday, January 19, 2009

T-minus 1 Day: A View from the City

I am, as we speak, sitting in the Wilmington (NC) airport trying to make my way home.  But fear not, Jezebel is on the job, documenting the goings on in my fair city.

(Washington) Mall Rats: Raquel Welch, Fringe Fashions & The Obama Economy

And because it cannot be said often enough ... Visitors,

We All Rise

Jezebel originally posted this the day after the election, and I think it's still appropriate on this day before the inauguration.

Maya Angelou On Barack Obama: "We All Rise"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

We are all the final Cylon

So wow. That was kind of a mind frak, huh?

************* THERE BE SPOILERS HERE *******************

I'm going to need to give last night's epi a rewatch about 3 or 4 times, but here's the sitrep:

Earth is definately a nuked out POS, and has been for about 2,000 years. Dualla finds a pocket watch and some jacks in the ash, and is very sad about it. Tyrol remembers shopping in a farmers market on the day the Earth died. Anders and Tory also have memories of their lives on Earth.
And how is this possible? Because besides than the fact that all this happened 2,000 years ago, it also turns out that everyone on Earth was a Cylon.

Just deal with that for a minute. You can now add "glowing red spine" to "flying car" in my list of things that Science Fiction has promised me that I don't have yet.

Everyone is understandably gutted at the news that Earth is a cinder, and deals with it in their own way. Dualla deals with it by going on a date with Lee and then BLOWING HER FRAKKING BRAINS OUT WITH HER SIDE ARM.



Farewell, sweet Dee.

Meanwhile, Starbuck and Leoben are still on Earth, trying to find the source of the Colonial distress signal. Following a trail of debris they find it ... coming from KARA'S BURNED OUT VIPER WITH HER CHARRED REMAINS STILL SITTING IN THE COCKPIT!

BUT! Lest you think, "Oh that's a let down. Clearly, Starbuck is the final Cylon what with the whole coming back from the dead, and "Don't freak out", and what not.", she's not.

It's Ellen.

Ellen Tigh is the final Cylon. As we see when Saul walks into the sea, and has a vision of his last day on Earth, searching desperately for his wife. Ellen. Who tells him they will be together again.

All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yours is the superior

Bad fan!  Bad, bad fan!  

How could I have forgotten that Ricardo Montalban was also Armando, the kindly circus owner who raises the orphaned Caesar in Escape from, and Battle for, the PLANET OF THE APES!!!

The embedding for it has been disabled, but I love this scene too.  Where there is fire, there is smoke.

The boys are back in town

WOOO!!!!  All new Supernatural tonight!  WOOOOOO!!!!

Family Remains: An evil she-ghost kidnaps a new family's young son, and holds him hostage in the walls of an old house. It's up to Sam and Dean to get him out. Naturally. 9:00 pm

Seriously, kid? Seriously? The appropriate response to an unknown entity in your closet that wants to play catch is NOT to throw the ball back. The appropriate response is to RUN SCREAMING OUT OF THE ROOM AND OUT THE FRONT DOOR! And then you burn the house down. Okay, there's a slim chance that it's just ET. But better safe than sorry.

Be Seeing You

Two of our own have been called home to that great Fantasy Island in the sky.

Patrick McGoohan, creator and star of The Prisoner has died at the age of 80. Never before, and never since, have weather balloons been so terrifying.

He was not a number.  HE WAS A FREE MAN!!

Ricardo Montalban also passed away this morning at the age of 88.  With a film career that began during's Hollywood's Golden Age, he is best remembered as the dapper and gracious Mr. Roarke, your host during your sure to be creepy and not at all what you expected stay on Fantasy Island.

And of course, he shall forever be


Never before, and never since, has a Chrysler been so damn SEXY!