Sunday, August 21, 2011

#SDCC Super Swag Give-away

UPDATE! Congratulations commenters!  You've just won yourself some fine, fine swag.  Andrew, please email me your mailing address and the Psych tee will be yours.


I've finally unpacked from this year's San Diego Comic Con, and the fruits of my grubbing for free stuff are now yours to enjoy!  It's rather remarkable the fugue state one enters when there's swag to be had.   I've happily waded into scrums with no regard for how much it would suck to be crushed to death for a cheap t-shirt.  And fortunately this year's grab didn't require getting into a scrap with a security guard *cough* WB booth *cough*

Behold the following fabulous selections (click on the photos to embiggen):

A:  STARZ Spartacus tote, USA's Psych t-shirt (L), and a set of 4 TV Guide Comic Con special issues (Chuck, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, and The Vampire Diaries covers)

B: Spartacus tote, 4 TV Guides, and USA Covert Affairs t-shirt (L)

C: Chuck and TBBT TV Guides and Chuck Nerd Herd t-shirt (L)

D: HBO Game of Thrones string bag, mini map of Westeros, House Lannister t-shirt (L), and mass market paperback.

I couldn't bring myself to rep Casterly Rock.  TEAM STARK!

E: Wonder Woman iPhone case (3G or GS), Young Justice card deck and pins, and Batman Year One shades.

F: Set of 4 TV Guides and 5 FOX Animation Domination pins (Homer, Stewie, Brian, Rollo, and Roger)

G: TVD TV Guide cover, Boone Damon trading card, and "blood bag" soft side water bottle

H: TBBT TV Guide and 4 Looney Tunes pins and cartoon block

I: TVD TV Guide, Breaking Dawn magnet, character trading cards, 2 Jacob pins, and 2 light up key chains

Now for the fine print:  Hit me up in the comments here or on twitter @Tubular_Whitney with the swag pac(s) you're interested in.  You can enter for multiple pacs but only one will be given per person.  One entry per person please - no spamming the comments.  Names will be drawn at random** on Sunday August 28 and announced here.  Offer open to everyone, no purchase necessary, void where prohibited, and valid in 49 states ... sorry Tennessee*.

* Nah, just messin'.  You're cool Tennessee.

** ETA 8/27 - Except for A, B, and C.  Those will go to the folks who jumped on the bandwagon first.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's a Stampede! Link Roundup - 8/16

Oh yes.  I ordered a pair.

Dr. Martens 1460 8 Eye Boot - Pewter Koram Flash -

I'll be wearing one of these when I marry my next ex-husband.  Spiffing Jewelry via The Mary Sue

Step by step instructions for making your own custom stemware.  You'll have to drink a lot of wine to stave off the nightmares.

Do you hear a baby crying?

How to make a doll into a wine glass in 23 quick steps via @NoShowMo

There are many rooms in my Father's house, and in each one a bookcase.

Bookcase Porn - A Showcase of Sexy Bookcases

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I review it: Cowboys and Aliens

Indiana Jones and James Bond fighting aliens in the Old West!  How do you *meh* that up?  Cowboys and Aliens isn't a bad movie.  It's just not as fun, surprising, or inventive as it should be.  I mean, it's no Serenity.
I look at it this way: if you removed the science-fiction material, you’d be left with a decent Western that covers pretty familiar territory. If you just focused on the fantastic angle, you’d have a fairly typical alien-invasion yarn. Because neither one of the two ingredients is exceptional in itself, the melding of the genres is uninspired.
Exactly, Leonard Maltin!  Exactly.   And while the film is beautifully shot and cast - yes to Clancy Brown, Sam Rockwell, Keith Carradine, and Adam Beach - I never really felt invested in any of the characters.  Especially Olivia Wilde.  I could have cared less about Olivia Wilde.

This about sums it up.
2 leather chaps out of 5.

The movie would have been better served to ditch the aliens (keep the dog) and just have Daniel Craig roam the New Mexico badlands, glare into the middle distance ...

drink whisky, and beat the crap out of people.  That's 2 hours of entertainment!


He could also occasionally stop to adjust his hat.

So, in conclusion: You're doing it right.

You're doing it better

I'll be in my bunk ...