Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New glasses, part of the third

As promised, the final pair of new specs.  I swear these are the problem child glasses.  They were meant to replace last year's frames, which I decided I didn't like ... and now I'm not really sure I like these.

At least I've got something to wear at Christmas and to Italian soccer games.

Monday, March 29, 2010

On the road: Houston

I was in Houston over the weekend for the annual crawfish boil held at the towering glass and steel monument to tee-vee that is Tubular world headquarters. But first, there was nerd business to attend to ...

No, not the high caliber gun show.


I was hanging out with BabySteps Nicki, spreading the 29-95 gospel.

We were right next to the 501st booth - SQUEE!!  We could not have had a better position.  Well, maybe if we were over by the "celebrity" area.   Fair play to Nicholas Brendon for making the show, given the recent unpleasantness.  Dude was looking good.  Hot.  Season 3 Xander hot.  I do not actually have evidence to present in support of his hotness, because I was not willing to pony up the $25 necessary for a photo op. 

Friday was sparsely attended, but there were a few people who costumed up for the event.  Here we have a Ghostbuster, a Jedi, Boba Fett, and Ash from Evil Dead 2.  So we were pretty well covered in the event of a Dark Side, zombie, or ghost outbreak.

From there it was on to the main event.  Bring on the mud bugs!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

#Supernatural 5.15: Dean Men Don't Wear Plaid

And we're back! The Hellatus, part of the second, is finally over, and it's all new episodes from now right up to the season finale.

Tonight, guest star Steve Martin reanimates film noir stars of the 30's and 40's to form a dapper, but deadly, zombie army. Can Sam and Dean stop them before they destroy Terre Haute?

Written by Ben Edlund, directed by John Showalter

While you're waiting for 9:00 to roll around, why not check out my list of top Supernatural moments over at Tubular?

#20: "Bloody Mary"
#19: "Houses of the Holy" and "Sin City"
#18: Funny moments
#17: "A Very Supernatural Christmas"
#16: Aliases and disguises
#15: "Born Under a Bad Sign"
#14: Top kills
#13: The Impala
#12: The music
#11: The brotherly moments

Preview clips after the jump ...

March Madness: The Cake Vs. Pie Tournament

I know things look bleak. Top seeds are bouncing out of the NCAA tournament left and right and your bracket is hosed. But take heart once a year basketball fan. There's a new game in town. Set your feet on the road to deliciousness. This is madness. THISH! IS! DESSERT!

Jezebel is settling the pie vs. cake debate once and for all, tournament style. All your bakery favorites have been seeded and set in head-to-head competition. In today's match up it's red velvet versus coconut and key lime versus sweet potato. Voting closes at 1:55 pm EDT today, so vote early and often!

Now, if pressed, I would say I'm a cake girl.  Allie of Hyberbole and a Half would say I'm smoking crack.  She's Team Pie, and I do have to admit, she's makes some compelling arguments ...

Especially when it comes to the even and equitable distribution of the good stuff.

March Madness: The Cake Vs. Pie Tournament - Jezebel

Hyperbole and a Half: Cake Versus Pie: A Scientific Approach

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Artfully #LOST

When it isn't sparking debate, obsession and teeth gnashing, LOST is inspiring creativity.

Graphic designer Jared Stumpenforst has set himself the task of designing one new LOST themed illustration per day for the next year.  So far he's up to #44.

His work is inventive, playful, and elegant in its simplicity.

A limited number of prints are available and he's promising t-shirts to come.

His non-LOST work is also worth checking out at stumpyhorse.com.

The character pieces are especially strong.  You can feel the tension in this portrait of Jack, captured in the moment just before the crying starts.  Come on, it's Jack!  You know the big salty man tears are imminent.

LOST365 via io9

City Gonzales has a round up of 101 awesome LOST t-shirts.  Not all of them are available for sale, and of course, the one I most want is currently only a concept design.  I haz a sad.

via Tubular

ABC  is releasing a series of character mash up videos, and they're starting with Ben.  I'm sure this is what Michael Jackson had in mind when he wrote the song.  via The Wrap with a tip o'the hat to Karen.

Monday, March 22, 2010

You Monday morning moment of melting

Spring is finally here, and DC has been enjoying near 70 degree weather. So of course, the 54 feet of snow we got in February had to go somewhere ...

This photo of the Potomac River was posted March 16 by Soichi Noguchi, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station.

More views from space by astronaut Soichi can be found at his twitter feed.

via DCist

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's a Stampede! Link Roundup - 3/21

I've already expressed my new found love of the violet infused Aviation cocktail.  29-95 thinks I should now try the subtly vegetal flavor of chartreuse in my drinks.

Damn them, I think they're right.

Tasting the businesslike Chartreuse | 29-95.com

This t-shirt.  Only 100 were printed, so step lively.

Apparently, people are very passionate about EXIT signage - with good reason I suppose, since your life can depend on it.

Although I've always found this version to be less "exit" and more "scampering this way".

The Big Red Word vs. the Little Green Man via Neatorama

Bea Arthur may have left us, but her wisdom lives on.  SNUU SNUU!!

I've never ordered anything advertised in Parade magazine, but that may soon change.


via Jezebel

I stumbled upon FashionFace.tv via their makeup tutorials on YouTube.  Most of what I've seen there have been evening, almost theatrical looks, but the main site also offers beginner vids covering all the basics.

Sam and Nic are freelance makeup artists based in Norwich England.  They're down to earth and engaging, and have already sent me off on a quest for MAC's discontinued eyeglass product.

As if I needed any more encouragement to buy makeup.

image credit: pixiewoo

It was later it was after two. We found a bottle of good chartreuse. The lights were green and gold. We played Latin soul. By the time Priscilla put the Al Green on the bottle was gone.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I'm spending my student loan money on this month

OMG I WANT THIS BAG SO BADLY!!!  So cute. So spendy.

tip o'the hat to @Marilyn_Res

Ditto on all counts these glowy, fabulous light up heels by Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte.

Daddy Likey and I must be sharing a shoe brain today.   The only thing more delightful than the shoes is the ode to them written by Nona.

And in my wake, the scent of Russian and Moroccan leather bindings, worn cloth, and a hint of wood polish

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Nerdgasm - What I'm fannish about right now

Things that are making me squee like the little fangirl I am ...

Need a way to pass the time until the Hellatus ends or the Apocalypse begins?  Try your hand at Supernopoly.

Created by Reveria, join Team Heaven, Team Hell, or side with the outnumbered Hunters in the ultimate battle.  

I am in awe at the level of detail and creativity, and the amount of work that clearly went into it.  I would pay cash money for this game.

Do you think it's because she's awesome?  I think it's because she's awesome.

How geeky does it make me that I can identify the characters by outline alone?  You know what?  Don't answer that question ...

I call dibs on Metallicar!

All images by Reveria.  Via @SuperWiki

This has been making the rounds of the intertubes the last 24 hours, but I am obligated by my membership in the Little Starbuck Urban Achievers to repost it. Via numerous sources, but the tip o'the hat goes to my friend Mark J. You can also find a side-by-side comparison vid here.

Laura Juliana Maria de Jesus Sanchez Garcia Ramos de Perez-Rosalina as "The HBIC"

This is just soil yourself well done.  Made by YouTube user xxxfancypantsxxx as part of an animation challenge on bricksinmotion.com. Via Neatorama

Later he brooded over his penne al arrabiata, knowing there was no other end to their story, and taking no comfort from it.

We stand on guard for thee!

Do you miss the Winter Olympics?  Do you want to keep the Olympic feeling in your heart, and ponder it every day?  Or if not your heart, maybe your lawn?  Then for a mere $5000 Canadian, you too can own one of the giant beavers from the closing ceremonies.

You know, the closing ceremonies where they decided to have a little fun and show off their Mary Carillo noted national sense of humour, and said eff it.  Let's just take every stereotype about Canada and make it 20 feet high and inflatable.

ESPN via the always right on Intelligent Travel

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goodnight, Forest Moon

Noah Dziobecki wasn't content with just any old birthday gift for his friends' kid.  Instead, he dipped into his bag of awesome, and came up with this.  Which just makes me want to do the Ewok dance of joy.

Clickie on the linkie below to download the PDF and get instructions for assembling your own copy.  You'll be the hit of the next nerd baby shower.

 I suggest reading while snuggled up in your tauntaun sleeping bag.

Or maybe while enjoying a glass of blue milk, lazing on your nice soft rug.

Night night.  Sleep tight.

DzignSpace via Neatorama and io9 with a tip o'the hat to Apocalypstick Now.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Glasses!

Pix of my new specs as requested by @daddylikeyblog.

There will be a third forthcoming on Monday. I didn't intend to get three new pairs of glasses. It just sort of happened. The plan was to just get one, but the next thing I know I'm trying on every frame in the store, looking for the right shape and a color that pops but that isn't too much or too dark, and one that doesn't have a prominent logo on it - which is kind of a fail on the red pair, but better than the ones I tried with ginormous DIORs stuck on them - and then I'm walking out of the shop in a daze wondering, "What the hell just happened?"

What happened is that I look fabulous.

If you're in DC, check out Optical Gallery on 18th NW.   They're independently owned with a Doctor of Optometry on sight.  Lots of selection on frames, and I've gotten excellent eye care from Dr. Mazia.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I want Maura Tierney to play me ...

in the Lifetime Movie of my life.

All of these things have happened to me.  The script would write itself.

via Jezebel

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LOST chat! LOST chat! Come play with us!

The good people at the ABC promo department promised - cross their hearts and hope to die - that QUESTIONS!  WOULD!  BE!  ANSWERED!  in last night's episode.  Was it all you were hoping for and more?  Come chat about it at Tubular - 1:00 pm Eastern, Noon Central.  All your friends will be there.

Including regular commenter BrianBlogsLost who put together this wonderful little tribute to the group.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First look at Batman: Under the Red Hood

From the Crisis on Two Earths DVD.  I direct you to the 2:45 mark, for behind the scenes of my tee-vee boyfriend Jensen Ackles, who is voicing the Red Hood.

This is actually Part 1, which gives the set up for the story, and some background on the production.

Judd from the Real World: San Fran has done pretty well for himself.  Who knew?

via @SuperWiki

Monday, March 1, 2010