Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's a Stampede! Link Roundup - 1/31

Andrew Dansby is listening his way through his entire 9,000 album musical catalog. So far, he's made it to Alabama.

Have you ever looked at your iPhone, and thought "well that could be a little more sonic"?  Bhautik Joshi shows you how to attach an SLR lens to your phone. There is not an app for that. via Laughing Squid

John K.  Twisted Genius.  Kind, decent guy.

At this rate, Crayola will have to start making crayons in a color spectrum that only birds can see.

Oh James Earl Jones.  You deserved better.


via Neatorama

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Supernatural 5.12: Swap Meat

At long last we get a body swap episode, although sadly Sam and Dean don't switch with each other.  A spell goes awry, and Revenge of the Nerds gets to enjoy being built, hot, and freakishly tall while Sam is stuck reliving high school.

Written by Dabb and Loflin (again) and directed by Robert Singer.

It's too bad Jensen and Jared won't get a chance to play each other.  My TV boyfriend does a pretty good Sam ...

Possibly spoilery promos and clips after the jump ...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I can't even stand it. Seriously.  For now, I will have to comfort myself by supping at the glowing buffet of promo clips and teasers that are making the rounds.

I want to have Christmas dinner with this family.  You know it's a hoot.  I love how everyone commits with such enthusiasm.  Well, except for the old guy in the kitchen.  He's not getting on the damn plane until he's damn good and ready.  He's eating a snack ovah heayah!

Tip o'the hat to T!

There's a lot going on in this clip, but if you're up for a spoiler, hit pause at the 15 second mark.  Mr. T approves.

Spain has been putting together some very interesting and provocative promos.  It's a vase!  No, it's a lady!  Wait, it's a vase again.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#Supernatural 5.11: Sam, Interrupted

Oh, happy day!  The long dark tea time of our soul comes to a blessed end!  Supernatural returns!

The boys go undercover in a mental institution tonight.  It sounds a little "Folsom Prison Blues" to me,  but with the added twist that inner demons are bound to come out.  There's only so much group talk and art therapy a person can take before they break.

While I'm excited that #theboysareback, I'm a little concerned that this is going to turn into one big long chick flick moment of sharing and caring.  On the other hand, it would be nice to get a more satisfying resolution to Sam's betrayal and Dean's feelings about it than we did in "Fallen Idols".

Written by Dabb and Loflin - who are slowly beginning to grow on me - and directed by James L. Conway.

Probably spoilery promos and clips, after the jump ...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's funny because it's true: #LOST!

Two weeks! Two weeks from today I will be in such a state of anticipation and excitement it will require a horse tranq to get through the day.

Why, you ask? Well, it's only the premiere of the first episode of the last season of the greatest show ever. What, you don't watch it? You gave up in Season 2? Okay, so here's what's been ... oh.  Oh, I see.

I see what the Onion News Network did there.

Final Season Of 'Lost' Promises To Make Fans More Annoying Than Ever

I'm sorry we make you feel bad about yourself.  And that we make you read 10,000 word diatribes about old episodes instead of recapping new shows.

But look, really.  All the mysteries will be answered.  Darlton have even released some pretty telling spoiler info as a show of good faith.

Tip o'the hat to Kate and T for the Onion clip!

photo above courtesy ABC via JOpinionated

Dharma Muppets, Fake Spoilers And Israeli Trailers Ease The Wait For Lost Season Six - Lost - io9

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a Stampede! Link Roundup - 1/17

During the real Lost experience, we all came home with matching beach frocks.  The tags promised "one size fits all", and shockingly, they actually did.  Thus did we fellowship of four come to own matching sisterhood of the traveling muu-muus.

I think Nicki summed it up perfectly when she said "they look equally 'attractive' on all of us".

Will I be wearing mine come February 2?  Oh, yes.  I will be.

via Natalie Dee with a tip o'the hat to T!

I remember very little about Space: 1999 other than the fact that I loved it, and Maya was my favorite character.  I hesitate to revisit the show now on DVD.  I think we all know that's not going to end well.

Instead, I'll just enjoy fan Eric Bernard's re-imagined and recut videos he's calling Space: 2099.

Fan Reboot "Space 2099" via io9

Bless the Maker (of this font), and all his water.
Orthodox Herbertarian is a new font painstakingly traced from scans of the typeface that was used on the American Ace Editions (Published by The Berkley Publishing Group) of Dune and many other Frank Herbert books for around a decade, from the early 70s through to the early 80s.

The Sex Pistols’ “Never Mind the Bollocks” (1977) is closer to the second world war than it is to the present. The Beatles’ release of “Love Me Do” (1962) is closer to the first world war than to us.

Now get off my lawn!  And pull up your pants.

Hey,  remember that New Years resolution to start going to the gym and eating right?  Yeah, eff that noise.  Gourmet presents 68 years worth of their favorite cookie recipes.

via Dinosaurs and Robots

SyFy is planning an American version of the British series Being Human.  The one where a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost walk into a flat and become roommates.

Normally I would roll my eyes at this news, or wonder why they don't just air the original, but I'm cautiously optimistic, given that Supernatural's Jeremy "Changing Channels / Supernatural Christmas" Carver is the co-writer.  So, yes to this!

Say what again.  SAY WHAT AGAIN.  via The Oatmeal

Adidas is pulling out all the stops to promote their new Star Wars inspired sneaks.  I know I shouldn't like this, what with the crass commercialism and all, but I'm not made of stone people!

Frankly, this is the shiz for reals.

via io9

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday NG!

Today marks the 121st 122nd anniversary of the founding of the National Geographic Society. Originally formed to "increase and diffuse geographic knowledge", the society has expanded its mission to include "promoting the conservation of the world's cultural, historical, and natural resources."

The first issue of the iconic magazine came out in October, 1888. What my friend Nicki likes to call "the company newsletter".

I'm amazed when any business or institution can survive to make the century mark and beyond.  Especially now ... this is not the shiniest time to be in print media.

So celebrate the Society's longevity by picking up this month's National Geographic magazine.  Where else can you get a bionic limb, frolic with a clown fish, and travel from the urban sophistication of Singapore to the rugged wild coast of the Hebrides?

If you enjoy those stories, and others in the January issue, think about subscribing.  Maybe get two.  Makes a great gift.  Really.  Please.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's a Stampede! Link Roundup - 1/10

Christmas is well past, but it will probably take me all year to make this. The greatest tree topper of ALL TIME full stop.  He knows if you've been bad or good, so DON'T BLINK for goodness sake!

Tardis_Tara, you are teh awesome, with a tip o'the hat to @bonniegrrl.

Still feeling crafty?  Want to tackle another Doctor Who project?   Dune_drd shows you how to make your own Ood snowglobe.

Are you in the market for new linens?  Have your dogs recently digested your high thread count sheets? Well, there's an app for that.

"Enough with the cheese.  Enough!  Stupid effing fishcakes.  I can't control the kittens.  Too many whiskers!   Too many whiskers!"

"Um" is never the answer.

Bless Google for preserving a mod'ren classic for the ages.  Bat Boy Lives!

You know what makes everything better?  Unicorns.

These are the kicks you've been looking for.

What are you kidding me?  How can you not have original artwork all over your house?  Look at dis one.  Look at dat one.

That last hour of flight doesn't have to be a misery of boredom, praying you can make it into the terminal before you wet yourself.  

Turn those lemons into 3 ounces or less of government approved lemonade that you must surrender to the flight attendant one hour prior to arrival with these  travel safe activities.

via Intelligent Travel

It's time for da Circulator!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I review it: Avatar

Oh, yes.  I have seen the blue people.

And fair play to James Cameron.  Avatar is visually stunning in a way words don't do justice.  He set out to create a fully realized, immersive world.  Mission accomplished.  The technology he spent so much time and money developing work flawlessly, translating the actors' performances in a way that felt true and realistic.  Even though Sigourney Weaver did fall a bit into the happy valley for me.

So it's a shame that all that beautiful technology was used to service a paint-by-numbers story.  Several times during the movie I found myself wishing that the script had the same heft as the visuals.  If you're going to create a totally new world, why not give it the totally new story it deserves?

Here now is my recipe for making your own Avatar:

1 page from Rousseau's noble savage
1 part Dances with Wolves
a soucon of Apocalypse Now
a dash of Sgt. Hartmann
A level boot full of evil army
The rave scene from Matrix 2
The "They'll never take our freedom" speech from Braveheart, liberally sprinkled with the "This is our independence day" speech from ID4
The Ewok dance party from Jedi

Cook at 1 billion degrees for 10 years

According to Wired, James Cameron started making movies because he wanted to be George Lucas.  I think he took away some of the wrong lessons from his Sith Lord.  At least he didn't Jar-Jar up the Na'vi, so thanks for that.

Here's hoping that Pixar can successfully hit the sweet spot between tech and story with their John Carter of Mars.

1 1/2 10-foot-tall blue kittehs out of 5.

And fair warning to you James Cameron.  If you run into TortieGirl in a dark alley, there's going to be some pointy reconing coming due.  You owe her $14 and 2 1/2 hours of her life back.

James Cameron’s New 3-D Epic Could Change Film Forever | Wired Magazine

Garrison Dean, I think I love you.  Garrison Dean Thinks You'll Care.: Buh. whu. um. siiigh. My Avatar review.

Avatar | Film | Review | The A.V. Club

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Be it resolved: H.Res 2010.01

On the advice of counsel, my usual New Year's resolution is to drink more champagne.  This year, I'm adding "read more books" to the list - despite what Gawker has to say on the topic.  And anyway, I've started a conversation with "I've been rereading Dune recently, and ..." so I'm not really concerned.

With so many titles floating around, it's hard to know where to start.  Fortunately, I have some guidance courtesy of io9 and the librarians of National Geographic.  Their lists, after the jump ...